Seeing the WTF Extreme Athlete Michael Vick doll action figure at the bar tonight reminded me of this. [Gah, took me three tries and a change of image services to get this right. Sorry if this shows up multiple times in your feeds.] Oh yeah- read right to left.


No one is dolphin safe.

Gaining Vertical Space

For some time I’ve been using the Greasemonkey script Google Reader Absolutely Customizable to gain some additional space at the top of my browser screen on my notebook. Here’s how Google Reader has looked in my browser up until today.


Now with the addition of the Hide GUI Bars extension(hat tip Lifehacker), I’ve gained the additional space from my customized menu bar and the status bar. I’ve used tool bar hiding scripts and extensions before, but found them wanting. I like Hide GUI Bars hide/unhide hotkey, the status bar replacement when hovering over links, and it's tab bar behavior when new links open in the background. I also like how it turns off momentarily when you open a new tab with ctrl-t, so I don't lose any of the functionality of my highly customized menu bar.

So here’s how Firefox looks now when browsing Google Reader:

Google Reader

Much better. Highly recommended, especially for those of you with netbooks.


One More Thing

I can’t wait for HTML 5 to solve this problem.

ipad flash

Image liberally taken from Engadget, obviously.


I didn’t really pay attention to the iPad announcement today. Seems nice enough. Nothing I’d consider getting anytime soon, but I’m sure it will do well enough for Apple. Here’s a funny picture for the detractors out there.ipad 

From what I’ve seen it’s a big ass iTouch, yes? Which is a device I’ve thought would be nice to have, don’t get me wrong. But I thought the new tablet would be much more like a, dare I say, “real” computer, instead of a computing device. Though I’m not surprised they went for the iPhone OS.

I was surprised at the price points- cheaper than  I expected on the low end, but about what I expected for the “full” version on the high end. I like the idea of the no contract 3G service too. It’ll be interesting to see the sales numbers broken down by device after a year or so.


One Shot

Shot by Emmanuelle Chriqui starring Baron Davis. I think this stems from some project by Reebok, but whatever.

Baron Davis-One Shot


Beijing 2: In Case of Nuclear Boogaloo

Turns out that Mao constructed a second Beijing underneath the first as a shelter for the entire city in the event of a nuclear war.  Explore some of the remnants of the underground city at Vice.


Here’s another post from the drafts archive. A couple funny game mods. The first is for Left 4 Dead, changing the models for the the infected(zombies) into Teletubbies.

And this one is a new game for Team Fortress 2. One team spawns as prop pieces of the environment, and has a bit of time to hide. The other team consists of exclusively Pyro characters. They then have a couple minutes to find/kill all the props.


One Time / Blue

This one time... from Nelson Boles.

Trichrome Blue from Lois van Baarle.

Picture Blogging

A few photo blogs I discovered over the past year:

Iconic Photos is a blog of, well, iconic photographs with a few paragraphs of explanation

The Impossible Cool, coolness in black and white.

Take the Impossible Cool, subtract the ladies and add clothes, and you get Nerd Boyfriend.